Full Stack Web Developer


I am a software developer passionate about using my abilities to help others. I'm often praised for my professionalism, customer support, and team-building skills.

Over the last ten years, I've built small web apps before the smart phone era, empowered coworkers with tools to augment their productivity, and lent support to a start-up building an enterprise-level web application. Currently, I juggle different technical roles at a small web development firm.

Both by request and by my own initiative, I've saved numerous hours of work for others. My ingenuity toward finding flaws in software has kept a number of bugs and gaffs from reaching customers.

My Portfolio

This portfolio showcases some of my top projects, lists my skillset, and hosts testimonials from clients and coworkers.

Additionally, I write articles about topics I find either interesting or lacking, and share some of my small side projects.

If you're looking for someone committed to a job well done, empathizes with the needs of customers and coworkers, and continually strives to do better, then welcome to my portfolio.

— Aaron Ritchey