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Photoshop Tips

A collection of Photoshop tips. Exactly what it says on the tin.

Pixelated Brush

Problem: The Brush tool now behavies like the spraycan in Microsoft Paint.

Solution: Select Brush tool. On top rail, change Mode from "Dissolve" to "Normal".

The Cause: Using + to zoom in, instead of Ctrl +.

Text Tool Malfunction

Problem: No text appears while using the Text tool. Just... nothing. While the font is correct, nothing is visible.

Solution: Check the Image Size. Specifically, check the Resolution value. A reasonable value is 72 pixels/inch.

The Cause: Unsure. Possibly caused by changing the image's units between Inches and Pixels, or by resizing an image.

More Ideas: Text not working in Photoshop? (Yahoo! Answers)

Creating a Bevel

Solution: You will need to apply an "effect" to the layer. Go to the Layers panel and find an icon which looks like a lowercase "f".